Bro Pool Pick

Having a pool in Southern California is a must, but using it for only 3 months out of the year is a not.  Your paying for a pool that you can only use 30% of the time.  Our Powerstrip technology not only look better but with our dual heat transfer technology we can heat your pool and increase your pool use to 8 months out of the year. Our pool heating experts will show you how to take advantage of our climate and transform your pool into a cozy 85+ degree tropical oasis.  Enjoy your pool again and put My-Smart House to work for you.

PowerStrip ThermalOur Power Strip Pool Technology incorporates dual heat transfer to ensure your home’s solar system maximizes the solar availability and heat of Southern California. We can transform your home into a solar power plant providing your family with an extended swim season allowing or more memories made in your backyard. Getting started is easy, simply fill out our get a quote form.

Can’t Decide Between Solar Electric or Solar Pool Heating?

Pool Heating with SolarWe Think You Should Have Both!

Our expert engineering and design staff can maximize your home’s efficiency while creating the power you need for your home and enough heat to keep your pool bathwater ready.

Feeling the Sting on Your Electric Bill? Have a Noisy Pool Pump? … We Can Fix That!

Pool PumpShhh… Can You Hear That?

That’s what your brand new variable speed pool pump sounds like. Not only does it sound much quieter but it will save you a ton on power. We offer combination efficiency packages that can upgrade your pool pump at no out-of-pocket cost to you!