Patios, Pavers, and Concrete

We can transform your boring backyard into an outdoor living area where you can entertain guests, have cookouts, and just relax and hang out with the family.  Our specialists will engineer and design you a custom layout that will exceed your expectation.  Let’s make outdoors fun again and create your custom backyard today.


Solar Power

Going solar has never been easier with My-Smart House.  We take everything into consideration from your historic energy bills to your plans for the future to make sure you have just the right amount of solar your looking for.  We’ll show you exactly where your panels are going to go, how much energy they will produce, and what options work best for you.  With 16 different ways to go solar we have the right program that will have your saving power and money from day one.  Eliminate your energy bill today and go Solar with My Smart House.


Pool Heating and Pumps

Having a pool in Southern California is a must, but using it for only 3 months out of the year is a not.  Your paying for a pool that you can only use 30% of the time.  Our Powerstrip technology not only look better but with our dual heat transfer technology we can heat your pool and increase your pool use to 8 months out of the year. Our pool heating experts will show you how to take advantage of our climate and transform your pool into a cozy 85+ degree tropical oasis.  Enjoy your pool again and put My-Smart House to work for you.


Turf and Desertscape

Protecting our climate is important to us, its almost as important as saving our customers money.  We can design a beautiful landscape that will not only save you on yard maintenance services, back breaking work, but also greatly reduce your water consumption putting more money back into your pockets.  We have a wide variety of American Made artificial turf to choose from as well as a huge assortment of desert scape plants and stones to improve your home’s value and its water efficiency.


Home Automation

Making your home smart is what we do.  We can automate everything from your security, lights, thermostat, and even your doorbell.  Technology is everywhere from your office, to your car, phones, but many of our homes have not made the transition yet.  The good news is we can help put technology to work for you and save you money while we do it.  Automating your home makes it more efficiency and is a great compliment to solar panel technology.  Save energy and live easier with our My-Smart House starter package.


Quiet Cool Systems

Tired of having a $400 electric bill in the summer time AC use? Well you should check out our solar page(link), but before you do ask your My Smart House Technician about installing a quiet cool whole house fan.  These ultra-quiet fans can displace hot air and bring in refreshing air form outside to cool your home.  Quiet cools remove many air pollutants as well such as pet dander, smoke, and unwanted cooking smells.  Our quiet cools systems start at around $15 per month and can save you thousands in electricity and solar!

Patios and BBQ Island

Blinds and Shutters

Security Systems